Tuesday, December 19, 2006

San Pietro al Monte part1

Last sunday we went with Tiziano and Beatrice (and their dogs Zoe and Ayumi) to the mountain side in the zone of the Lake of Lecco, leaving the car in a little town called 'Civate' to reach by foot a church on the top of a little moutain: San Pietro al Monte. The days was a little bit cold but not too bad, and sometimes we have been able to see the sun ; ))). but it has been a very nice day, with good exercise for the body, and a nice place to relax with our friends and their funny dogs. So thanks a lot for the good time we had!  私たちが日曜日に行った サン・ピエトロ・マウンテンです。私たちの町から、車で30分くらいかな?車を止めたところから、大きな湖(lake Lecco)が見えました。

This is Ayumi, the Akita Inu of Beatrice...it's like she would say ' please let me go out....'

We just parked the car and gave the dogs to our cute dog-sitters.....to tell the truth was Zoe, the big dog, that was hauling Tomoko.... 「持ってみる?」といわれ、紐を受け取ったとたん、コントロール不能になった。この写真は貴重な「止まってる瞬間」かもしれません。

Here we go, we just started to walk and the dogs were very exited to go on the top! このあたりはまさに玄関!楽勝♪と思ったのはほんの数分でした。

...and this is the 'real' track we had to follow, it was not easy because the day before was raining , so all the leaves on the ground were wet and was very easy to slide.... もうずっとこんなかんじでした。すべる、すべる!
The Civate witch horror project

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